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My dream is half done!

 Umall Ink Int'l
In the past 16 years, she consistently insist on printing ink, her tireless in green ink on the road to find a solution, she believes in that printing industry chain sustainable development ecosystem must be established. So, she become a ink leader from a young girl. She is Kyna. With her team, with her persistence, with her faith, she is coming!
Have an interview with Kyna

Recently, Kyna traveled to Mexico, where senior local media have an interview with her. By that, we realized that Kyna have a very strong impression of ink printing.

I am not interested but a faith

I was early in the printing market. For the first two or three years, I done everything that was associated with the printing market, such as inks, cartridges and cartridges. In the end, I chose to stick with inks. A lot of people didn't understand me at that time. Because ink is dirty and smelly and bad for the body. My reason is that I want to change the ink. At the time, I was said a dreamer.
On the day of the printing market, I remember clearly seeing young workers working conditions. You can't imagine what that would be like. Under the dark light, the machine made a noisy noise, and the potholed ground was full of messy edges, and the smell of rotting carcasses in the air. The young's hands were covered with colorful inks, and the boy's  looked at me with hollow eyes. I asked boss if the worker was ill. My boss replied to me: the printing workers are all like this. When I went to the printing factory for several days, the young worker were gone. Because of the long overtime, he is ink poisoning! It shook my heart, life was taken away by the poisonous of ink. Later, I kept to find information about printing ink, saw mass workers, because the ink of toxic substances by different levels of physical harm. Motivated by the support of the disadvantaged, I set out on the road to green ink because of my desire to change the status of the printing industry. I believe that I will make workers working in a healthy environment. I believe that ink can be odorless and environmental friendly.

Is precisely to deep into thick affection, there is no reason to forget, is clearly know their qualification sets out, but still not lost faith, is clearly know the journey all the way, but still refused to give up.

Here I come today! The printing ink was really odorless. I made it.
2017 Shanghai expo

The more ruthless the wind, the more my heart stable

When a person does things by his or her feelings, people often just watch them as a passerby. Once you add persistence to this feeling, it becomes powerful.

Pure green ink road is always the thorns everywhere, from the beginning of ridicule, schadenfreude, don't understand, look on coldly, was forced to accept to the requirement of environmental protection to the word of mouth now. We have no "rich dad", and everything has to be based on the fact that it is hard to tread on the ground. The experience of the next 10 years is really only known to the devil. I was lucky not to be a martyr, but a pioneer. It can be said that my dream has half done, green ink has been developed into the market, and half is hope share green ink to printing companies from all over the world into a world of green ink, let the workers working in a healthy and clean environment.

Choose green ink, choose Unigreen

That's how innovation works, and people will keep saying that until you succeed.
Traditional machine factory and ink factory 1 + 1 < 2 are especially serious

Loyalty cycle
Engaged in the printing industry knows, ink restricted in machines and print head, and China hasn’t print head company, basic made in Japan. The ink factory in China basically is to be held by the machine factory, the machine factory is out which model of the nozzle, the ink factory should make the matching model ink. As a result, most of the ink factories in China was controlled by the machine factory, in particular the price.

Kyna thinks that times are changing, and every time changes, new and greater enterprises are born. To break through the last generation of enterprise blockade or the mountains, to determine what is the next era, standing strategies on the dimensions of the next era, rather than relying on so-called now powerful resources. We are to have excellent talents from various sources, this year we become China's first pure green ink through environmental certification, we are third authoritative evaluation organization launched the pure green ink to mainstream machine evaluation test report in the global market, we are actively follow up the nozzle development trends, we are drafting the print ink ISO quality standard system.
It's ordless now

My ecology printing dream

There is nothing wrong with being a subversive leader. Printing should be odorless!

A business leader's sensitivity to the market makes the right decisions for businesses the most important in terms of survival. However, one can’t casually succeed, not all is never too much without paying lucky, behind every successful man, there are this or that kind of experience, the wisdom of calm in the face of a setback, save the entire enterprise's correct judgment, were crossed the gain to by numerous hurdles, commitment is the beginning of success is the necessary premise. Every want to survive in today's rapidly changing society, the development of enterprises should be needs to have good leaders to find out its location, to lead it into the wider light path. Environmental protection is no longer a trend in a printing ecosystem but something that is urgently needed. If you don't do it, the country will force you. Environmental storm is just beginning. It is important for traditional printing companies to be on the cutting edge of times. I hope printing companies make eco-environment as an initiative, not to be driven by country.

Industry figures commenting on Kyna

Ink Jetting and Design editor
Kyna is a reliable person who is determined not to be deterred, but to be so tenacious in her bones.
-- Ink Jetting and Design editor
Love Ink Jetting editor
Maybe we'll miss something, but I don’t see alternative in this company.
-- Love Ink Jetting editor
Agency of Umall Ink Int’l
Umall Ink Int’l pure green ink, I have used for 3 years, no problems all the time.
-- Agency of Umall Ink Int’l