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What is the value of working with Umall Ink Int’l?

Umall Ink Int'l Co.
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A vision for printing trends

Umall Ink Int’l always stay with the global printing industry technicians, all kinds of BBS and exhibition host, world agents tightly. We pay close attention to market dynamics, ensure the fastest time developed fit the market demand. The pure green ink of Unigreen is made after the market research in the early years. Now the market demand is rising and the future prospects are bright. Follow Umall Ink Int’l, you will enter the fast lane of the printing industry, and your product will always be the best fit for the market.
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Responsible for each order

Everyone working in the printing knows that ink is the most troublesome. Broken line, plug, fly ink, mix ink, deflector, color difference, fast fade, color are not good, etc. Most ink factories just sell out, but cover up after sales problems, and make an excuse to say that the problem of the machine or the problem of sprinkler head. Umall Ink Int’l will be in the process of production of ink 360 - degree audit test, do best strangled in the cradle of the question. At the same time, we make a promise: as long as it is our agent problem in printing, we always have professional technical personnel to cooperate to solve the problem, if not, we will send professional technicians to yours, didn't come back until solved, even if the company is in a foreign country. Fortunately, there has never been a big problem with our ink.
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Common interests and win-win cooperation

We never sell our ink to anybody, only recognized our ink, trust our brand, will be a business friend, and win-win cooperation with us. Our faith is research and sell high quality ink, meet the market demand. Because we believe that market share is given by consumers, only by meeting the market and letting consumers trust us and choosing us, can we able to occupy one position in the market.
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